C-MOD HV G2 - 1uF / 400V
  • C-MOD HV G2 - 1uF / 400V

C-MOD HV G2 - 1uF / 400V

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-High Voltage Audio Precision COUPLING MODULE -

Features :

    - Non-polar capacitive module
    - "WIRE LIKE" technology
    - Internal shielding
    - Suitabe in high magnetic flux environment

Tolerance : ±2%
(Lxlxh) : 39x19x37mm

The LEFSON C-MOD HV is a high voltage high performance audio coupling module. It’s named «coupling module» instead of «capacitor» because it was designed with care in the point of view of an audio coupling system. Extremely low loss operation is one of its best features, this is our «WIRE LIKE» technology.

Specially designed to process small AC signals (instrument, microphone, line), the LEFSON C-MOD HV is the perfect solution when a DC blocking capacitor is needed, in vacuum tubes or high voltage transistors circuitries. The LEFSON C-MOD HV is fitted with an internal shielding and can be placed in high magnetic flux environment. A dedicated clamp (patent pending) can be optionally used to achieve a perfect mechanical ground.

VAT not applicable, article 293 B of the CGI

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